This is how they protect themselves from tear gas

This is how they protect themselves from tear gas

Do you want to know for sure about the tear gas billowing smoke from the protests you’ve seen on the international news ?
Those who took the photos in the middle of this smoke, How did those who actually experienced it protect themselves from tear gas? So read the article.

This is how they protect themselves from tear gas.
The ways to protect against tear gas can protect against the effects of tear gas and the risk of the covid virus . CDC says.

This can prevent tear gas.

Stay away .

Once tear gas has formed, keep as much distance from people as possible. So that the gas spreads easily and the damage is less.

To avoid being harmed by this gas, stay 6 feet away from each other as a way to protect yourself from the coronavirus .

Protect your face.

Do not wear contact lenses in a position where tear gas may come in contact with them. It is best to wear glasses. Wearing a face shield is the most effective way to protect against tear gas.

Wearing a mask and face shield is the most effective way to protect yourself.

This is how they protect themselves from tear gas

Wear it safely.

long arms Wearing long pants is the best way to protect your skin from tear gas . So if you want to protect yourself from the dangers of tear gas, wearing it safely is a good way to do it, the CDC recommends.

Oily skin care products Avoid makeup.

Oily base makeup, Sunscreens can cause tear gas to stick to the skin. So you should avoid applying things on oily skin to avoid damage.

Why should we protect ourselves from tear gas?

Tear gas is a vaporized solid (or liquid) rather than a vapor. It contains chemicals that can cause painful sensations .

These gases are not produced to prove, but they can cause severe pain and suffering. In closed areas, the risk of damage is higher. The worst thing is blindness . It can cause health problems such as glaucoma . If the chemicals are too much exposed and inhaled , the throat , Lung and respiratory tract damage may occur.

What would you feel if you were hit by tear gas?

If the tear gas was hit

Eyes – Tears will fall. It must be hot. It will be red. Blurred vision.
Nose – runny nose. It must be hot and spicy. Swelling.
Mouth – It will be hot and burning. It will be nauseous. It will be hard to swallow. The saliva will fall.
Lungs – Tightness in the chest. I will cough. Moon If you breathe, your voice will become louder. Breathing will become intermittent.
Skin – will burn. A rash will arise.
Other problems – Vomiting. It will be nauseous.
May everyone be healthy, happy and free from all harm…

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