The health effects of second-hand smoke

The health effects of second-hand smoke

You may have heard of second-hand smoke. There is a question, what is two-phase smoke? Before talking about this, since there is cigarette smoke , you can guess that this is one of the negative effects of smoking .

Types of smoke

-If the drinker inhales it, it is called first hand smoke. Not only did I drink, but I breathed back the smoke I exhaled.

-Another thing is second hand smoke . When someone close to you smokes, you inhale the smoke they exhale. Even if you don’t drink it yourself, the health of almost everyone who drinks it is affected.

-Third hand smoke is the smell of tobacco products, I was stuck in the room and I just inhaled this. It’s called two-phase smoke.

What is two-phase smoke?

Second- hand smoke is the nicotine and other chemicals from smoking that leave clothing, Just adjusting the screen. Currently, both smokers and Even if there is no smoke, this place is exposed to smoke from time to time, so it tends to smell like smoke.

Especially for people who smoke indoors, the entire interior of the house is full of second-hand smoke. clothes, sofas the walls bed sheet, pillow cases, Carpets, etc. tend to smell. If you smoke in the car , you get the same smell.

The health effects of second-hand smoke

Even though you don’t smoke second-hand smoke, you feel the effects of second-hand smoke.

Because there are smells in the house, we have to inhale these smells every day, and we have to use these smelly items every day. For example, sleeping with a smelly pillow every night.

The negative effects of second-hand smoke

The harmful effects of second-hand smoke They still don’t know for sure, like breathing what other people drink, but studies are ongoing. In this, it is suspected that the points that will be discussed will become.

Can cause cancer .

Sometimes I don’t even drink myself. This fact has been taken into consideration when seeing lung cancer patients without inhaling what other people drink .

It damages DNA.

One study found that third-hand smoke damages DNA. This is what we found experimentally in the laboratory, and we must continue to study whether the same is true in external human cells.

It can harm children more.
Children are more likely to experience the negative effects of second-hand smoke. It’s because of the child’s nature, he will walk around and hold it. I will lean against the walls. Because they will pick up things in their mouths, etc.

These behaviors can lead to the residues and chemicals of tobacco smoke entering the children’s bodies. A child’s organs are also more delicate, so they are often affected more.

How do you clean two-stage smoke?

The longer the smoke stays in the house, the more it sticks to things. It does not disappear for a Fri time. For months It can last for years. What’s worse is that the smell is not as strong as directly from a smoker, so you don’t really notice it. Also, the smell fades and makes you think there is no smell.

Worse, it cannot be cleaned with normal cleaning methods. I mean

-I will leave the fans on in the house.
-You can’t do that if you leave the windows open for good ventilation.
-It’s the same in the car. Just turning on the AC and opening the windows won’t make the smell go away.

This way, the lingering smell won’t go away. What to do

-Items that can be knocked down must be thrown away. For example, pillowcases, Bed sheets must be properly adjusted. The carpets must be new.
-Best of all, indoors. No smoking in the car.

To protect against second-hand smoke

-If you don’t have this yet, you can use closed areas, into the house Do not smoke in the car.

-I will drink after closing the room door. We will drink in the veranda, Don’t drink when you lower the car window. These methods are useless. When the wind blows, the smell will come inside. It will be attached to the items.

-Drinking in the house. Don’t do it because it doesn’t smell. As I mentioned above, the smell may have been tamed.

-Family members also need to make a strict rule that they don’t smoke at all (absolutely) in the house. If you have a child with the thickness, you should be more careful.

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