Rainy season and underwear

Rainy season and underwear

When the rainy season comes, one thing that causes a headache is that the clothes don’t dry very much. Especially the underpants are not dry, Being dry is a difficulty that needs special attention.

Because underpants are the clothes that are in closest contact with our body and the outside air, Because it cannot be exposed to temperature. In addition, the place where underwear is packed is because it is a delicate part than other places.

If you wear underwear without washing and drying it, it will be itchy . It is not a small matter because it can affect the occurrence of fungal skin diseases and finally sex .

So, here are a few methods that will be useful when it’s difficult to dry clothes when it’s wet like the rainy season.

In the rainy season, to prevent disease due to wet underwear

Rainy season and underwear

(1) Choose thin and pure cotton underwear.

This is important. Cotton dries quickly. It is good to choose underpants made of thin cotton. The nature of the cotton fabric regulates moisture and makes it quick and easy to dry.

Because cotton fabrics are cool, they are damp, It doesn’t have any drying problems and is very comfortable. By now you know that you shouldn’t skimp on buying underwear made of pure cotton.

(2) Dry the underwear properly.

When I step on the underpants, I add one fabric to the other. You should avoid cramming. It slows down drying and stays moist for a Fri time, allowing more bacteria to grow.

Since it’s raining, it’s difficult to be exposed to the sun, so you should iron it after it’s completely dry. Then, the germs that can grow in the underwear will decrease accordingly.

(3) Change underwear.

There is no exact number of times you should change your underwear. This depends on the situation. It’s been a Fri time since I bought it, but it’s moldy. I will be addicted to frog eggs, If it’s cracked after eating soaps, you have to get a new one. It’s been a Fri time since I bought it, but if it’s still clean and comfortable to wear, you can continue to wear it.

(4) Select and use the correct soap.

As mentioned earlier. You should choose a soap that kills germs because small germs can get attached to the underwear. In addition to killing germs, you should choose soaps that do not cause allergies .

If not, the delicate parts of the body that are covered by the underwear will be infected with fungus. Because there may be bruises.

If that’s all, the difficulties that arise with underwear , Now that I know the negative effects and how to deal with them, I can get rid of the problems caused by underpants in the rainy season.

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