If you get hit with a fire hose

When I was a kid , if I told you that there was a fire hose in front of the Thingyan Festival , the adults would run into their chests as they wrapped it up again and again. Everyone who has visited Thingyan knows the feeling of being scared.

A fire hose is very fast, A big water tank and quite a lot of pressure. It is made to put out fires. Does splashing water with this type of pipe cause any damage ? I would like you to read the article about how it will be affected.

Fire hose

A fire hose is a large type of water hose that can be turned on when you want to increase the speed of water and can be lowered when you want to reduce it. Fire hoses are used to put out fires as well as disperse people during protests.

Many people think that putting out a fire means putting it out with water. Actually, what comes out of the fire hose is not just water. It contains chemicals that will make it the most effective in extinguishing fires. These chemicals dissolve in water and dyes can damage the skin and cause other health problems .

If you get hit with a fire hose

The history of the fire hose

Slaughterhouses were first used in Germany in the 1930s to disperse public gatherings. In the 1960s, it was used to break up mobs in the United States . Later, fire hoses are used for extinguishing fires as well as for the purpose of breaking up crowds in most countries.

Fire hoses can reach up to 67 meters per minute.

Can a fire hose harm health?

There are many health problems caused by fire hoses .

Hypothermia and frostbite

Being sprayed with a fire hose in very cold weather can cause hypothermia and frostbite . Frostbite is more likely in colder regions.

It can cause internal damage

The speed of the water can cause damage to the body. These can be chronic .

falling down It can cause slips

Falling backwards due to the speed of the water can cause head injuries or broken bones due to slipping . It can also cause bone atrophy.

Exposure to chemicals

Putting chemicals in fire hoses can cause other health problems, including skin damage from the chemicals.

May cause eye damage

The water might damage the eyes. It is also dangerous for people who wear contact lenses.

May cause ear damage

Water entering the ear can cause ear bleeding, and the force of water can damage the eardrum.

Being hit with a fire hose can affect your health .

To prevent damage when splashed with fire hose

-Wear loose clothing.
-Wear a hat.
-Protect your ears from water.
-Do not wear contact lenses. Just wear glasses.
-If you think there are chemicals in the water, wash it off immediately with clean water.
-Wear shoes firmly.
-If splashed with water, be sure to protect your head.
-You can also cover with an umbrella.

These little things will definitely come in handy if you get hit with a fire hose.

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