If you are hit by a tear gas, there are ways to help quickly

If you are hit by a tear gas, there are ways to help quickly

smoke, Even if you smoke because of the smell of charcoal, tears will fall automatically. This smoke can also damage many parts of the body, including the lungs . So, if you are hit by tear gas, one of the most common things used to disperse people during protests that you see in the international news, please read this article on how to heal as soon as possible.

What is tear gas?

Tear gas is a vaporized solid (or liquid) rather than a vapor. It contains chemicals that can cause painful sensations . These chemicals can hinder the functions from working properly.

Tear gas is made from various compounds, including chloroacetophenone (CN) and chlorobenzylidene malononitrile (CS).

These gases are not produced to prove, but they can cause severe pain and suffering. In closed areas, the risk of damage is higher. The worst thing is blindness . It can cause health problems such as glaucoma . If you inhale too many chemicals, your throat , Lung and respiratory tract damage may occur.

If you are hit by a tear gas, there are ways to help quickly

What would you feel if you were hit by tear gas?

If the tear gas was hit

Eyes – Tears will fall. It must be hot. It will be red. Blurred vision.
Nose – runny nose. It must be hot and spicy. Swelling.
Mouth – It will be hot and burning. It will be nauseous. It will be hard to swallow. The saliva will fall.
Lungs – Tightness in the chest. I will cough. Moon If you breathe, your voice will become louder. Breathing will become intermittent.
Skin – will burn. A rash will arise.
Other problems – Vomiting. It will be nauseous.
If you are hit by a tear gas, there are ways to help quickly
If you come in contact with tear gas, try these small steps to get relief as soon as possible.

Get out of the gas area as soon as possible.

To avoid being injured by tear gas, get away from the gas as quickly as possible. Prolonged exposure to these gases causes tears, sputum release and shortness of breath; It makes it difficult to move.

So climb up a little higher from where there is tear gas, CDC recommends.

Wash eyes and face thoroughly with water.

Once you have reached a place where you can breathe, wash your eyes and face with clean water. Throw wood from the forehead downwards. Do not wash your face. Rinse continuously with as much water as possible.

The face can also be windproof. This is one of the ways to relieve it.

Put on clothes immediately.

Remove any outer clothing as soon as possible, as the gas can stick to clothing and cause damage. These gases can cause skin burns, so keep your skin clean. Take off the clothes that came in contact with the gas as soon as possible.

Put the undressed clothes in a plastic bag and seal it tightly. Wash it off after a long time. If you wear glasses, clean the glasses immediately after touching the gas.

Take a shower .

Bathing is the most important step. If you come into contact with tear gas, wash off with plenty of soap and water. This will reduce the damage caused by tear gas.

Don’t forget to shampoo. When you wash your head , bend your head to the east and wash it.

These methods will provide immediate relief when exposed to tear gas .

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